Wednesday 22 July 2015

NB: only 1 person looked at this blog last week. So eh, who am I doing this for then? No prob, but I will stop posting if there is no interest.

Barbara finished her Negresco! Cool pic...

The result of Marianne's hard work. It has turned out great really! Such a mediterranean athmosphere!!

Barbara started a new painting, with a warm-red background! Going to be another beauty!

Agnes worked on her painting - I love it! And I think it is finished (though she doesn't ☺)

Lia worked hard on her umbrellas - and continued at home - it's going to be stunning this Wednesday!!

Guus still working hard on the portrait of his brother. It is slowly getting somewhere...

And in the meantime he also finished his tiny flowers!

Mieke, who doesn't like working with red painted this cute bear

and after that went out of het comfort zone again to paint this red cherry!

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Barbara, Lia, Marianne and Ingrid painting - Marina watching the progress 
(pic taken by Guus)

 Guus, Ank and Agnes painting, Ingrid watching the progress

 Karin and Barbara painting as concentrated as possible in 35°C

 Guus meticulously working on the portrait of his brother

 Mieke's black girl, such a strong portrait!!

 Black girl in the water, a delicate watercolour by Ingrid

 Interesting: this is the background of a painting that I'm sure is going to be impressive! 
By Agnes - watch this space for the developments...

Guus's portrait - a little bit of tweaking next time and it will surely be finished before our summerbreak

 Ingrid started a new, cute painting of a mouse peeping through the leaves...

 Lia started with a happy, colourful composition - 
in the post about the next session you will see what it actually is...

 Ank finished her Palmtree and view on the mountains. 
I just discovered that the houses actually look like butterflies! Love them☺

 Barbara is nearly finished with her glorious version of the Negresco. It is so good-
one more session and it will be perfect.

The palmtrees, the beach and the soft grass... by Marianne. 
I love it! This picture doesn't do it justice, my fault sorry...

And then I visited Amanda, to see her son Luca... It was love on first sight, he is BEAUTIFUL!!
And Amanda is almost back into shape too...

Wednesday 8 July 2015

 Hard work last Wednesday in 35°C... What a motivation, chapeau!

 Guus - portrait of his brother, started with champagne ☺

 Karin giving Agnes a hand with her portrait...

 Ingrid started a very interesting painting inspired by a picture of a woman, floating...

Betty, introduced by Ank, working on her fab black cat, advised by yours truly 
(hey! I'm in a picture!! Thanks to Guus!)

 Ingrid finished her portrait - wonderful, so much expression and soul...

 Karin's dog-double portrait is finished too! Looking great!! It is stretched now, next atelier, she will sign it  and then it can be handed over to her client (Ingrid)

Mieke finished her dancers. There are hardly any lines in this painting, 'the brain fills in the gaps'

 Agnes' portrait - still a lot of work to do...but she will persevere I'm sure and all will be good in the end, give us 2 more sessions ☺

 Guest number 1 was Betty. She painted this fabulous black cat in acrylics
I love it! So funny, so much character!

 Guus' portrait of his brother. Still in starting phase, with cleverly applied masking fluid, which takes a lot of time. But, the resemblance is already there!

Ank worked with admirable patience on the palm tree. With success!! 
It is really in front of the mountains

And last but not least, guest number 2, Barbara, introduced by Agnes... What a star! She came prepared, painted the Negresco in detail and didn't finish - but got a strong image on her canvas. Well done!

Wednesday 1 July 2015

We had to skip Wednesday 24 June - or rather, I skipped it for a birthday party - but the group worked and achieved wonderful results, in Ank's garden this time! I hear they were helped a little by Hans her lovely husband - who treated the group (and their artwork) to champagne...
Last Wednesday we were back to normal, with (in alphabetical order) Agnes, Ingrid, Karin, Lois, Marianne and Mieke!
 Ingrid working on her fabulous painting of old man & cat in monochrome aquarelle...

  Next to Ingrid was our other aquarellist, Mieke  who was very productive today:
 She finished the running duck
 and finished the painting of a sculpture of a longlegged sexy girl:
...and she topped it of with these two ballerinas...

 Agnes continued with the painting of her granddaughter - such a sweetie!! 
Painting not finished but already great looking...:

 Lois worked on the impressionist version of her view...
 ...with an impressive result...

 Karin takes a bit of distance to decide on the last details of her dog-portrait-commission! 
I estimate she needs one or maximum two more Wednesday mornings to finish it...

Marianne proceeded with a very delicate part of her view on the med with palm trees: the palm trees...

 This is going to be such a gorgeous painting when it is finished!