Wednesday 8 July 2015

 Hard work last Wednesday in 35°C... What a motivation, chapeau!

 Guus - portrait of his brother, started with champagne ☺

 Karin giving Agnes a hand with her portrait...

 Ingrid started a very interesting painting inspired by a picture of a woman, floating...

Betty, introduced by Ank, working on her fab black cat, advised by yours truly 
(hey! I'm in a picture!! Thanks to Guus!)

 Ingrid finished her portrait - wonderful, so much expression and soul...

 Karin's dog-double portrait is finished too! Looking great!! It is stretched now, next atelier, she will sign it  and then it can be handed over to her client (Ingrid)

Mieke finished her dancers. There are hardly any lines in this painting, 'the brain fills in the gaps'

 Agnes' portrait - still a lot of work to do...but she will persevere I'm sure and all will be good in the end, give us 2 more sessions ☺

 Guest number 1 was Betty. She painted this fabulous black cat in acrylics
I love it! So funny, so much character!

 Guus' portrait of his brother. Still in starting phase, with cleverly applied masking fluid, which takes a lot of time. But, the resemblance is already there!

Ank worked with admirable patience on the palm tree. With success!! 
It is really in front of the mountains

And last but not least, guest number 2, Barbara, introduced by Agnes... What a star! She came prepared, painted the Negresco in detail and didn't finish - but got a strong image on her canvas. Well done!

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