Wednesday 22 July 2015

NB: only 1 person looked at this blog last week. So eh, who am I doing this for then? No prob, but I will stop posting if there is no interest.

Barbara finished her Negresco! Cool pic...

The result of Marianne's hard work. It has turned out great really! Such a mediterranean athmosphere!!

Barbara started a new painting, with a warm-red background! Going to be another beauty!

Agnes worked on her painting - I love it! And I think it is finished (though she doesn't ☺)

Lia worked hard on her umbrellas - and continued at home - it's going to be stunning this Wednesday!!

Guus still working hard on the portrait of his brother. It is slowly getting somewhere...

And in the meantime he also finished his tiny flowers!

Mieke, who doesn't like working with red painted this cute bear

and after that went out of het comfort zone again to paint this red cherry!

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